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Javascript and ASP.Net

I'm creating a Web App using Visual Studio 2003. I have a Web Form containing 2 dropdownlists, say drpList1, drpList2.  On page load drpList2 is not visible (using drpList2.Visible = false). I'm using a javascript onchange event for drpList1. When I select a value from drpList1 and will like drpList2 to be visible. Any ideas on how to do this using javascript?
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Below a raw solution. For more precise help, please post the HTML code of your form (the one from your browser) ? I'm not sure how ASP.Net converts "drpList2.Visible = false" into HTML code.

It's however probably through a div, so could be done through something like:
... onchange="var a = document.getElementById('drpList2'); = 'block';" ...
assuming the div has an id called 'drpList2', like in
<div style="display:none;" id="drpList2">

Analyzing the "source" of your page (from your browser) will help you fine-tuning.

So in order to comlpete Werner's solution:

What ASP.Net does for drpList2.Visisble=false is it doesn't add it to the HTML! So you have to remove that line from your code. Then put this second dropdown inside a div, and manually add the      style="display:none;" id="drpList2"     attributes to its code. Then follow what Werner said and voilla!
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Thanks, guys that worked. Do I do the same for a check box?
generally speaking: yes. But if you want a more detailed answer, tell me what you want to do, and I will provide you with some code.