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CSS ISSUE - ul li problem (Internet Explorer) with floating div page

With our content page layout, we're experiencing a weird issue in IE - If you view the following page in firefox/mozilla, you'll see the way the bullets SHOULD look, towards the end of the article.

However, if you view the same page in IE (7), you'll see that the same bullets float all the way to the left side of the page.

Does anyone know a fix, without giving a fixed width, that would allow this to function properly in IE?
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Nancy Rindone
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Here's what I do with bullets to make them relatively acceptable in FF and IE:

ul {
list-style-type: square;
list-style-position: outside;
li {
margin-left: -20px;

Hope this helps... :)
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I forgot to end ";" the first line of the UL LI statement:

background: url(path/to/bullet.gif) no-repeat left 3px; <--
That's weird, it works in FF for me. Oh well. Sorry about that if it doesn't work for ya. I continue to use it. The image is a nice option, though.
Has any of the solutions provided helped?
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Unfortunately, none of this has helped with our site's layout.

Since we have a pretty "funky" div powered site, with a floating div for the left nav and another for the column next to the nav and yet another with the right skyscraper ad, the standard approach and those mentioned above for getting LI's to layout will not suffice. Thank you all for your efforts, but I still don't have a solution.

The floats have nothing to do with it.
Heck no... points should be split or awarded.  We provided solutions, the author did not reply with sufficient information to be able to continue to provide support.  The author simply dismissed and abandoned the question on his/her own will.

No reason why the points should be refunded - what-so-ever.