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Default VGA driver does cannot install

I used to have an ATI radeon 9000 driver.
When I tried to update it, the AIT update software said it couldn't and I should have a VGA driver installed first.
I tried to get Win XP to do that, but there is a problem and it did not install correctly, leaving a yellow mark in device manager. I even uninstalled the VGA driver and rebooted. Same problem. I also tried to restrore my system to an earlier date, but WinXP refused to do so.
What can I do? My video works so slowly now!
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Try to completly removed the device from Device Manager or even uplug the card from its slot for a while and try again. Reboot windows and let the Find new hardware wizard installing the video card device.
Open WindowsUpdates website and run WindowsUpdates.
Check your HD for errors (run chkdsk command).
Run a registry cleaner.
Run command sfc /scannow.
Virus, trojan, spywares, malware?
How about doing a repair installation of your Windows?
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I had the same problem...My old VGA driver was gving problems with XP SP2 and whenever i updated my VGA driver it always gave error... but i found when i re-install the old driver without removing the latest driver, my PC worked fine... Did not understand how... but it worked fine...
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I ran chkdsk /F, rebooted,removed the device from Device Manager, rebooted windows and let the Find new hardware wizard install the video card device. It didn't succeed in installing the VGA driver
My system systematically runs WindowsUpdates, so I didn't run it again.
I ran sfc /scannow.
I don't kow a registry cleaner. Can you suggest a safe one?

I tried to get the previous version. Without success.

I don't think the problem comes from Virus, trojan, spywares, malware. It occured when I installed a well-known child education program that tried to change screen resolution.

I fear a repair installation of your Windows because what really wouldn't want to lose what is on my system (software, ...)

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A good registry cleaner software:
Registry Mechanic (http://www.download.com/Registry-Mechanic/3000-2094_4-10566526.html?tag=pop.software).

Try to run dxdiag: Start > Run > dxdiag <enter> and see if you can get any informations regarding you video card on Display tab. See on Notes at the bottom.

I'm often doing repair installation, nothing is lost.

How about try to get the drivers from ATI website. Maybe you got a corrupted drivers/files? Or can you identify the drivers's files ('Drivers Details' on Device Manager) and just Google for it?
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Sorry for the delay. I have away a couple of days.
I ran dxdiag. The Notes section mentioned:
-my driver is generic. it suggests to install ATI's driver
-all DirectDraw tests have succeeded
-direct3d is not available: check you have the final manufacturer's final version
The driver section reads as follows:
-main driver: vga.sys
-version 5.01.2600.0000
-date: 2002-08-30
-signed WHQL: yes
-VDD mini.: vga.sys
-Version DDI: unknown

My PC is a Dell Inspiro 600M which uses ATI mobility Radeon 9000. There is no such driver on ATI's site and one has to get it from DELL. I dowloaded the latest version and tried to install it. I refused to do so, saying I had to instal the default vga driver first. Remember that the default VGA driver does not install properly and that is the problem I want to solve.

I ran Registry Mechanic to see if I had any problem related with my video card. There was none and the problems mentioned were about shortcuts to some applications programs.

WHat do you mean by a windows repair installation?

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From Microsoft Help and Support website about XP Repair installation:

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Thak you for all that information about a repair installation. It looks a pretty dangerous thing. Morover, I don't think I have the windows cd since windows was preinstalled by DELL.
So, I'ill try find another way to solve the problem.
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Try to contact ATI's support. Maybe they can help u.

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