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Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 has reverted to the last known good configuration

I got a popup from Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 about Recovery Notification.

See the picture:

I CAN'T get connected to the internet because of the error. I've ran my computer with safe mode. I've contacted my ISP and nothing error with them.

The last thing I did, before I go to bed, I set my computer to Hybernate then I go to sleep. When I turn on the computer from Hybernate, I hit F8 to delete all Hybernate stored data and boot Windows normally.

Finally, I can get connected to the internet after I hard removed my external HD. Rebooted my computer, plug the external HD again, so far, nothing errors found.

Could it be because of my external HD causing the problem?  Someone experienced?

BTW, on the pic above, there's a link at the bottom ("More information") that we must see for what happened. I forgot to bookmarked the link. Can someone tell me the URL address of the link? I would like to see what's going on with my Laptop (Toshiba Satellite L100, Centrino 1.66 GHz, 1GB RAM).

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You can run a scandisk on the external HD:
My Computer, right-click the drive, Properties, Tools, Check Now..., Select Options, Start.

For further hardware diagnostics, download ubcd (

Would also recommend ensuring you are current with MS updates.  You could also uninstall and then re-install Trend IS2007.
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Your link to another open problem does not mention the pc-cillin issue, nor does this post mention the other issue you are seeking help for.  These appear to be separate issues.  I would recommend:
1. use ubcd and scan your harddrives for errors.
2. run ms's scandisk on your harddrives and scan for file errors.
3. check for and install windows updates.  you may also want to check custom updates and make sure you have at least .net platforms 1 and 2 installed.  also make sure there is no hardware update listed for your external hd or other hardware.
4. uninstall any unnecessary programs
5. run ccleaner's cleanup and registry cleaner functions
6. run a defrag on your harddrives.

If there are no hardware issues, another solution is to use recovery console and restore your system to a point before you started having problems.  I would still recommend checking custom windows updates, running the scan disks, ccleaner, and defrag.
1. I've tried to run ScanDisk.
2. I've tried to run Partition Magic's Partition info.
3. My Automatic Updates are set to "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them".
4. I've tried to remove and reinstall  Calypso, OE and Express Mail@Mate (the link above).
5. I've tried to run Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, Windows Defender and TIS 2007.
6. My O&O Defrsg software always running (auto defrag).

I guess the error just a simple hang which is solved by rebooting the computer. Because, I don't have that problem anymore since I restored a backup of my computer.
If you solved your problem yourself, then you should go to Community Support (link is at the top right of the page labeled Support) and enter a zero point question asking that your original question be deleted.  If your question contains information that may be useful to others, you can request it be made into a zero point Previously Answered Question.  Your points will be returned to you.  See this link for more info.
I answered my question myself.  What do I do?
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