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Another DotNetNuke install problem...

Can not connect to SQL database after installing DotNetNuke ver 4.4.1 (install)
I am using the SQLExpress database and have SQL Server Management Studio to
confirm the database.

My connection string looks like this...
connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True;AttachDBFilename=|DataDirectory|DotNetNuke1.mdf;"

Sometimes I get a error telling me DotNetNuke can not connect with this connection string
while at other times the error says the versioning differs between the assembly and the
database.  The SQL version is 9.1.2047.00.

I have been 2 days on this which includes a lot of research and came up with zip.
The DotNetNuke site does not seem to have good answers especially with install
problems like this one.

Anyway would appreciate some help.  Please note I can connect to the database
using Sql Server Management Studio.


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Thanks John...

The new connection string did the trick.

Given this is nearly the hardest problem I have come accross in 20 years
of programming you not only have my thanks but my sincere gratitude. Without
a working connection string I was totally lost.

I am amazed at the shear lack of good information on this connection problem.
It would seem somebody would realize the hours which could be saved by programmers
could be tremendous were they given good information in the first place.

I understand the original DNN team did a great job but when Microsoft dropped support
the project stepped back a few paces (hopefully DNN will go on to be the winner for
which it was first intended).

Two other URL's which can be of major help in understanding "User Instances" are...

Thank you again for saving me hours of work and research.


Glad it worked out so well.