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Mark sectors as bad on NTFS volume, Win 2003 server? Also HP SMP P2P migration.


I'm trying to use the HP Server Migration Pack (Physical to Proliant) to move from a Dell Poweredge to a HP DL350.

The migration gets to about 5% before failing with a 'read file failure' type error.  This led me to believe there was something wrong with a file on the source server, so I deleted as many files as I could but it still didn't work.
I then ran CHKDSK a few times and did a defrag but still the same error at exactly the same part of the migration.

I then went into the Dell Diagnostics and ran a scan of the drives (two mirrored SCSI 72GB drives).  It gave a read error (Failed Read after repeated attempts or something similar) at the same block on both drives!

The server has been and is running perfectly so I'm quite confident wherever this bad sector is it isn't in a crucial file, so I just want to stop the migration software reading from that sector.  So what are my options?  I remember scandisk used to have an option to 'mark bad sectors as unusable' but this doesn't seem to be an option with CHKDSK, or if it is it clearly isn't working in this case.  Is there any software I can get that might move the files out of that area of the disk?  Or does anybody know the HP SMP P2P to tell me how I can find from its logs which file it is having problems with (are there some switches I can use to give a verbose output of the copy or 'continue on error'?).

Any help and suggestions appreciated.  I'm going to bed now but have to go back to the site in 4-5 hours to try and finish this migration.

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I couldn't get it sorted out, going to try sbsmigration.com's swing migration instead now.

For anybody coming across this in future; the HP SMP P2P really is an amazing product PROVIDED your source server is in good condition.  Even when I eventually found which file was in these bad sectors and deleted it the migration got all the way to 100% and failed the final CHKDSK test of the destination.  It obviously copies everything off the source partition, even errors.  The first server I did, which was in good condition, migrated across perfectly and in under 2 hours (50Gb or so of data on it).  Booted up first time once I installed the HP drivers.  Quite amazing really, building that server from scrath would have taken the weekend.

Thanks for the suggestion monkeyjr, but it turned out no amount of repairing would get this server to the point where the migration would succeed, even though the server itself seemed to be operating normally enough (save for the bad sectors on the drives).
Microsoft Legacy OS
Microsoft Legacy OS

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