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Repeating a signal with the WRT54G

Router: WRT54G
Version: V4
Firmware: HyperWRT/Tofu

The signal I am trying to "repeat" is coming from an Airlink 101. I simply want to use the WRT54G  to repeat that signal to extend signal range. I have tried using WDS, AP+WDS mode, as a client, you name it, with no success. There is something I MUST be missing. I guess I need detailed info on what exactly needs to be set on the WRT54G.
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The Linksys will not work as a repeater,why do you think their repeaters are 30 bucks more than the wireless routers?
And they can be propriatary.

There are new universal wireless repeaters that will work with any WAP.
You might want to read this , looks like a firmware upgrade will help
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Then what other options are there to bridge/expand the signal? Does the base router have to be the same manufacturer? The articles ive read had cases where the signal was bridged with a different CLIENT.
Look into installing a 3rd party fw on it.  The easiest which I use in about 10 different locations is .  But they charge $20 a year.  

I also have used which does this also and is free.  I don't recall if they have a "Repeater" mode however the sveasoft has an actual repeater mode which does exactly what you are asking .  Just give it the SSID and it will extend the range of it, no WDS etc.. to mess with.

Give a whirl and if you don't care paying $20bucks then checkout sveasoft.

See :
It already has 3rd party firmware installed. hyperwrt/tofu
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