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UNIX - tar backup - restore files to a location different from original location

I backed up some files using tar from directory /usr1/ibs2/inps.  I wish to restore them to another directory say /usr2/ibs2/inps.

I cannot restore them to /usr1/ibs2/inps and later move them to the desired location as the former location contain live data and these cannot be overwritten.
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Please see gheists answer in :

cd /usr2 && pax -r < /path/to/yourtarfile.tar

This will recreate the directory structure _under_ /usr2, e.g.
So when the untar is complete, just
cd /usr2/usr1 && mv ibs2 ..
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Thanks for the response.  Could you please explain syntax of your comment.  What do I replace "yourtarfile.tar" with.

As I explained in my query, I am trying to restore from tape into another directory.

Unfortunately, I am not a premium member and have no access to the link you suggested

cd /usr2  # And if successful, run the next command, i.e.
pax -r < /dev/rmt/0m  (Replace with the name of your tape device)

You may need to experiment with your version of "pax", e.g. using the -f option.
pax -r -f /dev/rmt/0m
While testing, if you omit the "-r" option, pax should just list the contents of the achive "device" without writing anything

P.S. If you click on the link and scroll _all_ the way down the page, you can see the Experts answers ;-)
Thanks for the mail.

I issued following commands

cd /usr2
pax -r < /dev/rct0  - rct0 is my tape device.

Data restored to original location and not to /usr2/..... as I wanted

Am I missing something
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I am using SCO Unix Open Server version 5.0.1

/usr1 is a separate file system and I can mount and dismount the system.

I was considering the alternate you suggested about the quite time if other solutions did not work.

Thanks for the help

Krishna Murthi