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Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center

I am using Vista Business edition and just installed Windows Mobile Device Center. I am hoping to sync my Outlook 2007 with my Asus P535 running Mobile 5.0  However, upon plugging in my Asus, nothing happens.

The Asus did sync with my XP notebook previously using Activesync.

Please help.
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Further info: I think it is the Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter (driver) that is causing the problem and not detecting/recognizing my Asus P535. According to Driver Detective it's located @oem28.inf  Port_#0001.Hub_#0001

Is it possible to delete this driver and hope that Vista will detect/reload the driver again upon next connection?
Just checked with the Event Viewer and found the following error message upon connecting my Mobile PC:
Windows Mobile-based USB device is plugged in but is unable to make a network connection to the desktop. RapiMgr Event ID 6.

Any help much appreciated.
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You can delete the oem28.inf and .pnf from C:\Windows\Inf and allow it to redetect.

Remove the device first - both physically and in Device Manager - then delete the .inf and .pnf and reboot.

Do not load any Mobile Sync software.  Once it's seen, go to Windows Update where the application will download and install.


Thanks for the info. But I do not know what to remove from Device Manager, it's not that obvious from the list. Connecting the Mobile PPC (via USB) and disconnecting the Mobile PPC only causes the Device Manager to refresh, I do not notice any new device being added. Please advise.
It should be under Network Adapters.

Windows Mobile Device

I found the Windows Mobile Device under Network Adapters and deleted it. Deleted the other files as suggested. Uninstalled the WMDC.

Then I plug in the Mobile PPC again, and was detected correctly and installed. I did not notice any extra icon showing access to the Mobile PPC. I then invoked Windows Update, and WMDC was installed. Running the WMDC did not make any connection to the Mobile PPC. Mind you, the Mobile PPC worked well on my XP using ActiveSync. But I just cannot get Vista to work with it.

Please help. I am beginning to think my investment on Vista is a total waste of money.
Undock the device.
Reboot the PC.
Log in and allow everything to load.
Dock the device.

Open WMDC from the Start Menu.

Don't use the System Tray icon to work with the device - I've run into issues with that method but the Start Menu program seems to work.

Netman66, I did exactly as you have suggested to no avail.  I really don't know what's wrong with Vista. The Device Manager does recognize the Mobile PPC and the driver does install correctly (I think), and WMDC does install itself. So why doesn't the two connect?
Netman66, I checked the Event Viewer and the same error about RapiMgr came up:

Windows Mobile-based USB device is plugged in but is unable to make a network connection to the desktop.
I got it working! Finally!

I happen to come across which suggested that RapiMgr Event ID 6 could be caused by a firewall, virus scanner, anti-malware, VPN, etc. This got me thinking about Windows Live OneCare. So I delved into the Change OneCare settings, selected the Firewall tab, clicked Advance Settings (under Other Settings), selected the Ports & Protocols tab, saw ActiveSync (UNCHECKED) so I checked the selection, then everything sprung to live!

Wow, thanks for all your help Netman66. You gave me lots of inspirations.
Cool.  Didn't think of that.

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