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Looking for backup software

Could someone recommend backup software that during restoring would show me the tree of backed up files, cumulative for all backup sessions, and for each file I would see the list of its versions available for restore?

For example, I have file A. I make full backup on 1/1 and then daily incremental backups. On 1/3 the file is changed, so backup includes it in the incremental backup. On 1/10 I want to restore it, so I want to see file A in the directory tree where I choose what to restore, and I want to see that there are 2 versions of it, one saved on 1/1 and another saved on 1/3.

This seems to me like the most logical UI, however so far I have not seen any backup software title working this way on restore. Either I see the the tree of my today's files to restore (but what if I want to restore the file that I deleted), or I can restore by backup session - so I have to look in each session, if my file is there or not; plus, I can't restore several files from different sessions.

Does anybody know a software that would show me the restore dialog I described?
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