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Macro to Copy Data from IE into a Document

I sell books on I want to make sure my books are priced correctly against other listings of the same books. Unfortunately does not provide a service that lets me do this. I can check my listings and what the competitive prices are, but they don't give us an option to download it into a spreadsheet. What I do now is open the page in IE, View Source, Copy the HTML code into a Word document and run a Macro to parse out the information I need.
I want to know if a macro or extension would be able to open the first page, open the source code, copy it into my Word Document, advance to the next HDC page, convert the next 100 listings to the source code, copy it, etc.
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Thanks bpfsr for the points and the grade for both questions.  I wasn't actually expecting the points for this one as you could have deleted it since it is almost the same as your other question where I put my potentioal solution.  But I thank you much.  I hope it works good for you!

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I sent you an email last night with a follow up question, did you get it?
Brian I didn't.  Check my profile again and make sure you got it right.  Replace "at" with the at sign, and "dot" with a period, then take out all the spaces, and it should work.
Try it again if you like....

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I tried again with both email addresses, thanks!