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Dual Monitor. Program wants to open on desktop of missing monitor

Dual Monitor Issue.  I use a dual monitor setup in the office using a laptop as the primary.  I have Skype opened on monitor 2.  I shut down the laptop and removed the dual monitor.  When I log on again outside the office, Skype opens in the task bar at the bottom of the page, but the rest of the icon and application appear to move off to the left where the 2nd monitor had been.  I can not access the program but can close or open from the task bar.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.  I have been looking through several knowledgebases and the best I can guess is that somewhere in the program it is remembering the location of the Skype application based on the 2nd monitor being attached.  I have tried using the display settings in WinXP but can not change anything.  Other programs such as yahoo messenger open ok.

Laptop = Dell Insprion 5100
Skype = 3.0
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Programs will normally re-open on the montitor they were on when closed. An easy way to get it back on your single monitor is: 1) Right-click on icon in task bar, make sure it is not full screen by clicking Restore if needed, 2) Click on Move  3) Use your arrow keys (Right arrow by the way you described) to move it the desired direction to slide it back to the single monitor. Close it on the single monitor, and it should always return to this monitor.
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