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Can't logon to server "The Local user interface DLL pcigina.dll failed to load. replace or restore original"

yesterday my server crashed. with dell support help i found that the drives were currupt and that i needed to restore from backup tape. I installed the OS windows 2000 server and veritas software to do the restore. I started in Directory mode and began the restore 4 hours later it was finished. the desktop incons were there and all i had to do was restart. After restarting I was not able to logon. I got the message " the Local user interface DLL pcigina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace dll or restore original dll. Restart."
I got into me system with ntfs4dos and looked at the system32 folder. Their was no pcigina.dll listed but there was msgina.dll.
How do I resolve this proplem?
I desperately need help
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I resolved the issue by using ntfs4dos. I started the system with ntfs4dos then searched for the pcigina.dll file in the system32 directory. I was not there. but the msgina.dll was. Next I took the pcigina.dll from a different server and copied it to the server that I could not logon to using the ntfs4dos. I then restarted and was able to logon with no problems.