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AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows corrupt and chkdsk "cannot check volume for direct access"

I'm unable to restore a previous mount point, because AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows is corrupt. For the same reason, I'm not getting a great experience of Vista Business. I'm unable to run chkdsk, because it says "cannot check volume for direct access". It hangs if I boot it up for a command prompt. Do I need to reinstall the OS, or is there anything anyone can suggest?

It has been working for a few weeks, albeit with a few blue screens. My hardware is compatible supposedly (a new PC from DELL January this year - albeit with XP installed originally). The only thing unusual I've done is to create a couple of junctions with but I've not mucked about with anything in AppData.
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After several reboots the corrupt directory sorted itself out. I'm very puzzled.


C:\Windows\system32>fsutil dirty query c:
Volume - c: is NOT Dirty

Perhaps chkdsk did run, but did so with a black screen. Ugh.

I'll check out SpinRite. Thanks for the suggestion, James.
I've just purchased SpinRite 6.0.

I booted it up from the CD ROM started SpinRite and hangs at "Discovering System's Mass Storage Devices", with "Working..." flashing at the bottom.

It doesn't look like I'll get much joy there.

I wonder if that's related to whatever it is that causes "cannot check volume for direct access" when I try to run chkdsk

Running the BIOS Hard Drive diagnostics and I see that both of the SATA HDDs in the RAID "pass",

The RAID is an NVidia RAID0 (i.e. a stripe). According to SpinRite, it is able to work with 'A "thin" RAID controller in a striping, RAID-0 configuration'. Erm... does that mean mine?
I believe that it should work on yours.  How long does it hang?  It may take a few minutes to load.
I left it hanging for half an hour. I'll try running it again tonight and give it all night to find the C drive.
I got a response from Gibson Research technical support, asking me some questions about my system. Hopefully I'll find oput more from them.
You can find help on SpinRite on their newsgroups at:
Sorry, wrong address here's the correct one:
It looks like SpinRite isn't SATA-compatible - see - but it claims to be usable (and when they are ready they'll be rolling out an upgrade with proper SATA support). I have NVidia RAID0 SATAs.

I switched my two HDDs to non-RAID in BIOS and got SpinRite to spot them, but didn't proceed because the partition tables were invalid for the now unstriped drive sizes (actually it saw the 2nd partition table as Digital Research CP/M!! which I guess means it found something that wasn't a partition table at all). There were warnings not to proceed because of disparity between the BIOS or BIOS extension's understanding of disk size.

I've put my disks back to RAID in BIOS and I'm back to my unreliable set-up.
Actually looking at it appears that RAID-0 has to go through a controller and since the controller is SATA, I guess I'm stuffed.