Unable to access my cluster resources after both cluster servers were restarted

We had to power down our exchange cluster server yesterday due to a site powerdown. Today I have started all servers ok except for my Windows 2003, Exchange 2003 Cluster server. When I shut them down yesterday I shut down the in-active one first and then shut down the active cluster then the disk array. Today I brought the disk array on-line then the active cluster and then the inactive cluster. There was an error when it first started stating that the cluster service had not started but this then started on its own, on both clusters. When I go into cluster Admin it is telling me that
"The Cluster Service on Node 'cluster 1' cannot be started
The network path cannot be found
Error ID : - 2147024843 (80070035)

Help !!
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Your cluster IP address is probably not online, for whatever reason.
Start the cluster administrator on one of te nodes, and in the "Connect to" box, enter "." (a single dot). Check what's failing.
Check this article, too:
Error 1722 when starting Cluster Administrator
Marc_ConquerAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for your help on this, very much appreciated.
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