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authentication shared between 2 web servers

i have a requirement to sercure a website for a customer.

they have 2 apache web servers and i used mod_auth to do basic auth3entication on each webserver.

but i have an issue, where the users request is passed from one webserver to another, and this means that the end user has to0 authenticate twice.

So how can i have the authentication session mantained between both webservers.
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Impossible. You cannot pass sessions between servers not to mention 2 SSL certs are required for the solution.
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Actually it is possible.  It has been asked and answered here on EE, but for some reason I can't find it.  IIRC instead of using mod_auth, you use mod_auth_digest and using the AuthDigestDomain directive.

I am still searching on EE to make sure that I remember correctly.
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Good to know. Really nice feature.