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I want Raid Striping

Hello hardware expert,

I am trying to configure my new pc to raid striping whithout any succes so far.
Configuration Motherboard Asus P5B
2 sata II hard disks (identical)
I have 4 sata connectors on my motherboard
and 1 sata raid connector.
Now if i connect one disk to the sata raid connector and the other
one to sata 1. Then when i enter the raid configuration he only
finds the disk that is connected to the raid connector and not
the one in sata 1 port.
And there's no second sata raid connector on the board, so
i don't really understand how i can add a disk in raid.
I have set the JMB636 sata controller to raid in bios. (Other options are AHCI or IDE)
In the sata raid configuration tool im not able to find second hard disk, nor is there
any option to go and find a disk.
I must be doing something wrong...
You're help is very appreciated

Kind regards
Steven vervliet
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You have 2 different raid controllers in your system... one is part of the Intel Southbridge chipset, the other is a J-Micron which allows you to do raid with an internal and external sata drive. This is why you have only one sata connector labeled raid... You want to use the intel one.
I. Connect the drives to the sata connectors labeled 'sata1' and 'sata2'
II. 1. Enter Bios Setup during POST.
2. Go to the Main Menu, select IDE Configuration and press <Enter>
3. Select the intem Configure SATA As, and then press <Enter> to display the configuration options.
4. Select RAID from the Configure SATA As item options, then press <Enter>
5. Select the item Onboard Serial-ATA BOOTROM and press <Enter>. then select Enabled from the options.
6. Save your changes, then exit the BIOS Setup.
III. Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option ROM Utility
1. During POST, press <Ctrl+I> to display the utility main menu.
2. Select '1' for Create RAID Volume and press <Enter>
3. Enter a name for the RAID 0 set, then press <Enter>
4. Select RAID 0(Stripe)
5. Use the arrow keys to highlight each drive, and press space for each one to select it.
6. Just use the default stripe size and press enter.
7. Enter for capacity (default is max).
8. Y to create the RAID volume.
You will also need to create a driver disk before installing windows... you will have to press <F6> when windows setup starts (you will be prompted)
To create this disk:
1.enter your bios
2. select the optical drive as the primary boot device
4. put your 'support cd' in the drive, and boot to it.
5. When the menu appears, press <1> to create a RAID driver disk.
I6. nsert a formatted floppy into the drive and press <Enter>.
Most all of this is quoted or paraphrased (i got lazy) from the manual.
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Dear Mc Clung,

First off all i want to thank you for helping me.
when i go to IDE configuration menu i have
SATA Configuration     [Enhanced]
    Configure SATA as  [IDE]

When i press enter on configure SATA i get 2 choises, IDE or AHCI

When i go to menu Advance i have this option ONBOARD Device configuration
when ik click on it  if find there
Lan option ROM                           [Enabled]
JMicron SATA\PATA Controller   [Enabled]
 JMicron SATA Controller Mode  [RAID]

Now in the last setting i have following choices RAID, IDE or AHCI

When i disable JMicron it is not possible to configure sata
cause i don't get the screen for getting in configuration, also pressing CTRL J
does not help. Only When it's Enabled and the Raid connector is connected
to the board, only then i have option to press CTRL J to get into configuration
But if i do this he only finds 1 disk. So no configuration is possible here either ca
use there's not enough disks to create raid.

Youre help is very appreciated
I got the instructions from the manual which you will find here:
1. The JMicron controller will do you no good. In order to use it, you have to connect 1 internal drive, and 1 external drive. You may as well disable it, and ignore the sata connector labeled raid that is on your motherboard.
 2. Did you connect the drives to sata1 and sata2 connectors before entering the bios? If not, this may be why you did not have the expected raid option in IDE configuration.
Hello Mcclung,

I have disabled JMicron as you asked, When i do this the function
Configura sata as [RAID, IDE or AHCI] also dissepears, so i can't set
it anymore to raid. As a result as i start up i don't see the raid configuration
screen and not able te get in there. Even if i press CTRL J to get in it.
My disks are connected to sata 1 and sata 2
When i go to bios. I see both disks, identical drives. Everything seems to be ok there.
I also updated to the latest bios wich was relaesed previous month, without succes.
Problem stays, i also tried with 2 Western Digital disks, same problem.
Starting te get the feeling i bought wrong motherboard.

Kind regards
Steven Vervliet

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