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how to set up remote access on a router

The client has a static IP address.
so say the static IP is
Do I input that in the "Only in my PC" box and click apply?

If I leave the port at 8080  according to the router instructions ...... I should be able to get access via.

But thats not working for me.

Any ideas anyone?  

The router config looks like ..........

Remote Management
Allow Remote Management
Allow remote access by:
Everyone (Change default password!)  
IP address range:  ...  
to ...    
Only this PC:  ...  
Port Number:    8080


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Kindly clear one thing.,
When you say CLIENT, do you mean the PC accessing it? or are you calling Router a client? means you are using Routers IP address to access it.

are you trying to access the router through LAN or are you using WAN / Internet to access the router from remote location.
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By client I meant - customer.  Must stop saying client so!

Via the www  as if it was via the lan I could go

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I think I tried will try again.  
is the customer pc configured for remote access sessions?
if the customer is behind firewalls then the firewall should be configured as well.
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In your router config open the port 8080.....


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router help .............
"When accessing your router from the Internet, you will type your router WAN IP address into your browser's Address (in Internet Explorer) or Location (in Netscape) box, followed by a colon (:) and the custom port number.  For example, if your external address is and you use port number 8080, enter in your browser:     "

I presume my wan ip is my static IP address.  I can ping it.

Allow remote access by:  Everyone - just till i get this.

under ports > Local Server Address ?  whats that please?

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firmware upgrade fixed it