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exchyange 2003 queues

i have exchange 2003 and when i get inside the queues i see a lot of smtp conector is this a spam and how i can fix this problem?
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Below is each Queue type listed in the Queue Viwer pane.

DSN messages pending submission - SMTP
This folder contains Delivery Status Notifications awaiting delivery. Its primarily used for NDR’s – Non Delivery Reports.

Failed message retry queue - SMTP
Contains outbound messages which couldn’t be delivered to their destination but will be given another attempt.

Local delivery - SMTP
Contains inbound messages for delivery to mailboxes on the Exchange server.

Messages awaiting directory lookup - SMTP
Contains inbound messages awaiting recipient lookup in Active Directory.

Messages pending submission - SMTP
Contains messages accepted by the SMTP virtual server, but hasn’t yet been processed.

Messages queued for deferred delivery - SMTP
Contains messages queued for deferred delivery (later time).

Messages waiting to be routed – SMTP/X400
Contains outbound SMTP/X400 messages still waiting to be routed to their destination server, when it has been determined the message will be sent.

SMTP Small/Small/Medium/Pro - X400
Contains messages which are going in and out of the mailboxes located in each respective mailstore store which currently exists on the Exchange server.

Other SMTP queues listed are related to the destinatin domain name. You can find messages in each queue to view if it is a valid or invalid mails.

For preventing relay, follow the post by Pete.

cheers !!
IF you have a lot of messages in the queues then you need to investigate why.
It could be an open relay, it could be an authenticated relay. It may also be an NDR attack.

See my spam cleanup article here: