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add a second Terminal Server with TS Licencing on first.

We currently have 4 offices, I main office A, and 3 branch offices, B,C,D. on the same domain.

Main DC\AD at site A with a DC at each site. DC’s are Windows 2000 server.
Site B,C&D client PC’s  all connect to site A using Windows client RDC.
Site A has 6 servers including exchange and a 2003 Terminal Services server (TS1) on IP address xxx.x.1.10. TS1 holds all TS Licences.

Can I add a second 2003 TS (TS2) at site A on IP xxx.x.1.11, and leave all TS Licensing onTS1.
Then I can configure site B client PC’s RDC to access TS2 and leave site C&D to access via TS1

The object is to reduce overheads on TS1 memory & processor without having to transfer TS Licences.
We have also had issues where site B has knocked out the printer spooler on TS1 resulting in all users at site B,C&D losing connection to local printer redirection. When this happens, TS1 requires a restart to get printers back and all users have to disconnect. With a second TS server site C&D will be able to carry on working.  

A number of our TS Licences were obtained during the free Microsoft  transfer of TS Cal’s from XP client PC’s in 2003. In the past I  have moved all licences to a new TS server following server failure. It is a complicated process involving hours on the phone to Microsoft to obtain new product key for TS Licences.. If at all possible I want to leave all TS Licences on TS1 but if not will need to split 50-50.

Found the following link. Teaman27 suggests it is possible to have 2 TS servers but licences on only one.

Can anyone advise on using a 2nd Terminal Server at site A with split access between the two.

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The question has been posted for sometime and grenade was the only reply so I am awarding the points - thanks