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Installing Deskjet drivers on Citrix server issue

How do I install a printer driver on a citrix server for remote printer mapping? We are running the lastest version of Citrix on a Win2K3 box. The printer is a HP Deskjet 5940.. which per HP's website is supported under Citrix. The only thing is, I cannot find the drivers to load on their website. We have a mixture of Win2k and XP clients that will be connecting, and none of the printer drivers will install as it says incorrect OS ver.

Am I doing someting wrong? Is there a different way to go about install printer drivers on a Citrix server? I am new to Citrix and would appreciate any help.

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Just install the exact same drivers that you have installed on your Win2k and XP clients.  I would also recommend NOT using HP's setup wizards to install the printers.  Go into your printers folder on the server, right-click anywhere and chooose Server Properties, then install the driver from that screen that opens.
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You must install the 2003 version of the drivers on the Citrix server (as the OS is 2003, not 2000/XP).  Also, make sure the driver will work properly with Citrix/Terminal Services (test before implementing - just because HP's site says it will work doesn't mean that it will or will not work in your environment).  

Do you have a Citrix policy set to use the universal print driver if the native driver cannot be found (in addition to other printer options)?
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I always make sure people look here for HP drivers:,1701,10076,00.html
Technically the driver is supported but I have seen situations where they are still not the best thing for your Spooler service.  Ideally you want to install the 2003 driver but HP usually says that the XP driver will work too. (replace AT w/ @) is the email address for their printers/Terminal Services group; email them if you have specific driver questions; for LaserJets.  

Keep in mind 2 things: PCL6 and Terminal Services are bad.  Always try a universal driver if you don't know the stability of another.  

Universal Drivers:
HP universal print driver for Windows - PCL 5
HP universal print driver for Windows - PostScript