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Windows Server 2003 Standard with Windows Small Business Server 2003 as the Exchange Server

A company just called me with this problem that they want me to fix.

They have currently a Windows Server 2003 Standard machine that is their Domain Controller, file Server, and a 5 CAL Terminal Server. An IT company just set them up with a Dell Server with Windows Small Business Server 2003 for an Exchange Server.  The problem is the tech doesnt know what he is doing. I just talked to him on the phone and he said that he just ran the wizard set up on Small Business Server and it installed Active Directory and everything else that SBS does!

So, my problem, is what is the right way to install Exchange? Couldnt I wipe the SBS Server and reinstall SBS without Active directory and everything else, then run my forest prep and domain prep and the SBS server wouldnt have Active Directory. It would only have Exchange Server and the domain controller would be the Windows Server 2003?
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