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Manually Delete a mailbox

Is there a way or a tool to manually delete a mailbox in Exchange Server 2003?  I've deleted a user but the mailbox retain (No red X beside the mailbox).  I think something went wrong.  
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go into AD right click on the user and choose exchange tasks
When did you delete the mailbox?
Exchange has to run a cleanup wizard to notice that the mailbox is no longer associated with a user account. This runs overnight, or you can run it manually by right clicking on mailboxes and choose Run Cleanup Wizard. If you then refresh you should see a red cross over the mailbox and you can purge it.

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The mailbox has been deleted 4 days ago.  I've run the clean up task but nothing happen...?
That would tend to indicate a replication issue. Exchange doesn't know the user account has been deleted. Do you have more than one domain controller?

Yes!  The users with the mailbox is in a child domain (; in a satellite office..
What is replication like between the domains? Does it work correctly?

Looks like it works correctly...  Just a simple question, if the server is no longuer fonctionnal (the child domain), what can we do if we don't have backup?  the mailbox stay on the server and nobody is able to access it???
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Thanks!  Replication issue.  I will try to resolve this issue