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How can I find out the ulimit value by default on HP?

HI expert,

Do you know if there is any way we can find out what is the maximum file handlers is allowed to be use per process by default on HP?  We are seeing some file handler issue on HP even if we set the ulimit to a very large number, (More than 8000).  Or maybe a restriction of the user permission to allow the ulimit number to get set correctly?

run unlimit and it is setting to a value more than 8000.    Would that be a default value is set to certain number and the user define ulimit number has no effect on the system?
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Checked all of them
maxfiles is 8192
maxfiles_lim  is 8192
nfile is 60000

If my ulimti -Hn is 8192, and ulimit -Sn is I need to worry about the Sn set to higher value?
I noticed one thing - once I set the  ulimit -n <3000>, If I want to set the ulimit again in the same xterm window, I will have to set it to a number which is lower than 3000.

Did you ever resolve the original file handler issues you were seeing?

P.S. Only root can increase the ulimit once set in a session