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Laptop connects to internet here, but not elsewhere?

At my home, I can turn on my laptop, plug in my LAN cable straight from my cable modem and the internet just works. If I take my laptop to my girlfriends and plug in her LAN cable direct from her cable modem, it won't work. We're both with the same ISP too. I tried using the 'repair' thing on the network connection and no dice. Any ideas? My laptop is XP home
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Restart the cablemodem whenever you change the PC. A lot of cable ISP's only allow one PC to connect to the internet. If you change the PC you also change the NIC which has it's own MAC address, and then you won't get an IP from the modem. A restart of (powercycle) of the modem will let it recognize the new MAC address and then you'll get an IP.

To fix the problem more permanently, get a router with more than one LAN port. With this the router gets the IP from the Modem, and the router itself supplies it's own IP's to the connected PC's, while the ISP just sees one connection only.
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Also please go into your internet settings and make sure that you DO NOT have any static information set. If you do, this will be the problem.
seems that you have defined Static ips, gateways to your laptop, if you have DHCP enabled setup at your GF's place, make sure you choose " Obtain an IP address Automatically". If you dont have DHCP enabled setup then you will have to look for IP series, gateways etc and have to enter them manually.

Hope that will solve the issue
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Just following up to see if you were able to get your laptop properly connected at this location. please let us know if any of these fixes worked, and how we can assit you further.
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Please accept an answer, and not a Query whether anything helped. An "Accepted Answer" like this won't help anyone if he has the same problem.

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