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Postmaster forwarding errors issue

I am running exchange 2003.  For some reason my old IT guy is getting 100+ bounced e-mails a day from

He has them forwarding to his personall e-mail address.  Where is this forwarding setup and how do I turn it off?


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He couls have also set it up from the Exchange System Manager as well. If so look there in:
Under Servers, the SMTP properties then Messages:
Send Copy of Non-Delivery Report to: Apply proper users name.
A better option is to simply remove the option from the SMTP virtual server altogether. Getting a copy of the NDRs is nothing but a waste of time in my opinion and not something that I do.

Make sure that postmaster@ is not attached to a contact that is pointing to the old administrator's email address as well.

Whatever decision you take is up to you but you can change or delete them in the places I told you.
I prefer to have NDR's come to me as they will point to problems when they arise. It's easy enough to delete them.
Sembee might have a point though if you have thousands of users with Huge volumes of mail. But if your only in the hundreds of users it easy to just glance at them and delete them.
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I looked and I cannot find the postmaster account anywhere.  I do a search on AD and it comes up with no result.  I looked in the smtp message settings and there is no account listed.   He states he gets the e-mails from the postmaster@mydomain so where else could it be?

I did find some postmaster info under the admin account.
postmaster@ is usually on the administrator account. It goes on the account that was used to install Exchange. Try putting postmaster@ your domain on to the administrator account and see what happens.

Deatherage, Sembee should have gotten a piece of that on an Assist... Just a thought...