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No Drives Found with Windows Setup on DELL PowerEdge

New DELL Power Edge. SC 1435  No O/S.  Trying to install Small Business Server 2003 (not supported in setup - only Server 2003 R2).  Windows says no drives.  I configured the system with the Server Assistant for RAID 1 and proceed but it asks for the Server 2003 disc to be inserted.  When I reboot the server and start Windows it says no drives available.  I'm stuck!
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Firstly, if it is new, you should be able to call Dell for assistance.  Are you using the Dell boot disk?
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So there is no need for the Linux server setup thingy on the DELL disk, right?  I don't need any of there stuff, right?  I have installed a dozen servers' O/S's and never had this problem.  I understand the drivers from the floppy.  I have a USB floppy.  None on the server, just a CD ROM.  I get the drivers from DELL's site or their CD?  The CD has a ton of drivers on it with no descriptive name.  Must open each file and README to figure it out pretty much.
I'm guessing you haven't installed tons of Dell servers - it's been a while since I was installing them on a regular basis myself, but the disk should have routines to create driver disks.  But yes, you should be able to download drivers directly from Dell's site.

The Server Assistant CD isn't required, it just makes your life easier as it includes all the drivers, etc. in a custom setup for Windows.
On one of the drivers CDs you will find a driver for the array controller in executable form.  When run, it should extract to a floppy.

When starting the Windows setup, at one point it will say Press F6 to install additional drivers.  Press F6 immediately and repeatedly when you see this.  It will then start loading drivers and after that will prompt you for additional drivers.  You put the floppy in at this point and it will load the driver and detect the array controller.

Make sure that you use the correct driver (CERC or PERC, 32bit or 64bit, etc).

This should get you going.
OK.  Stand by for result.  Got kids and colds and that stuff to do first.  Yes, I have done 18 Dell servers.  4 with SBS.  This is the first with RAID 1 not 5.  The Server Asistant is new to me.  I should have ignored it and gone with my instincts to use the floppy as you all have suggested.  I guess I thought the Server Assistant would have made things easier.  SIlly me.
How do you have 4 servers with SBS?  You can only have 1 SBS per domain.
The SBS Servers are all at separate clients.
To clarify furhter, all other servers I purchased configured from factory ready for O/S.  Raid preconfigured.  This one got handed to me raw with no O/S purchased.  Client bought them separately and asked me to set it up.  You know how it goes.  Every install is a little different than the last one.
You could save time and trouble if systems have same hardware configuration. if so, clone the preconfigured raid, and install on raw ones.
Yes, that clarifies it... I used to work in an enterprise environment and we always ordered servers without OSs so we always used the Server Assistant to set them up.  I remember when Dell switched from an NT based Server Assistant to a linux based server assistant.

That said, it shouldn't matter the RAID type - it's all dependent on drivers existing for the controller.