Robot circuits(immediate help needed)

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Im in need of some robot circuit diagrams (which when designed can really work) ....may be some good circuits of remote controled robots moving or controlled by remote,radar or anything (kindly give all the necessary linkz and details ..)....(im trying to find some ...but still no success ...may be some of u ..better find it ....)

the robot circuits may be of any use any type ....or simple construction using ic's,resisters and other electronic and electrical components ...

alll points ....given away ,,,,good answer may recieve more !!
plz reply ...
thankz .......................!!!
by circuit i mean circuit diagrams ...!! .....
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See this site:

It is very informative, and although it doesn't actually have circuit diagrams it has a whole host of useful info, plus links of where to buy the pre-made circuit boards from.

You can't easily build remote-controlled robots-- it takes hundreds of parts and specialized tools.

I'd buy some cheap $9 remote-controlled car and use the parts from that.

What is the end intent of your request.  Are you looking to build a small robot for yourself?
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Go to your library and look at the m,agazine Nuts and Volts. It has lots of robot articles

The guts is merely connecting motors and gears with wires. The tricks are in computing, balancing, and design. Circuits themselves are not so useful except for public transportation


Thankz for ur info dear people.....

for robot kits .....i cant have them because it cant be found out locally im outside USA.....


ur linkz are nice but they dont give a clear concept about how to completely build a robot...basically what i have intended to do is to first go for a project of some sort (on net made by different people and then giving them publically to the net...without programing-may be remote controlled) then try something hard .....also with a kit is very easy to make ....i want to make it from scrap or bying equipments and then soldering them up


nice things again ....but no circuit given to properly make the robot


the magzine is really good browsing previous issues on there site .....still no successful circuit or way given to make a robot ..............

it would be nice if i could get ....small remote controlled robot ...or line follewers circuit(dont wanted programming :( .....  )
waiting for the reply ....!! thankz people ....
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So what you are looking for is not just a circuit diagram but plans to build a complete robot?  You may not find any free plans to do the complete job without spending some cash for it.  

I will check with a few of the IEEE folks I know to see what they may have around.
Building a robot is not easy. It needs hardware, software as well as mechanical expertise. I still can't understand why a kit cannot be ordered over internet as these could be delivered anywhere in the world. Apart from above recommendations, some sites to go through are:   : an excellent page

Try this book:
I built a robot for the TV programme 'Robotwars'.  Some of the suggested links above are very good.

I used 2x 24V 750W Bosch motors
Two 4QD motor controllers  -
A remote control set as used for model helicopters.
Two 12V gel batteries

For circuit diagrams, search the 4qd site - it has it all.  eg have a look at this link:

All the explanations you need of how the control circuits work, and how to build them are on the 4qd site


Sorry to all of u people for a late accept ! ...

i was just searching on these sites .....and after a long long thinking all the linkz are supurb ...also may be i have to work a little more hard on building a robot :) ....nutz and volts is a great magzine !! ....

thankz for the reply !! to all of ya people !!

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