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JavaScript and PHP Onclick ask for information (prompt) and process

Alright i have this list of e-mail adresses and this button to change them,
usually i load a new page using the id of the adress and fill in the information and have them use
a form to edit the adress etc.

In this case, i only want to edit the adres, nothing else, just 1 box. So i was hoping i could do it with javascript.
something like:

<a href='javascript:onClick=window.prompt("New e-mail adres:", "<?php echo($row[1]); ?>")'>edit</a>

Only now i have to get it to forward the information to "adresses.php?id=<?php echo($row[0]); ?>"

Is this even possible with this simple javascript?
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But how do i make this work in the onclick event? adding the ID of the DB entry? and requesting for the new adres, because a while mysql_fetch_row statement is making the adress list
I've done this:

      <script type="text/javaScript">
            function change_adress(adres_id, old_adres) {
                        url: "adressen_more.php",
                        parameters : {
                          "var1" : adres_id,
                          "var2" : window.prompt("Nieuw email adres:", old_adres)
                        onSuccess : function(obj) { alert(obj.responseText); },
                        onError : function(obj) { alert("Error: " + obj.status); },

    <td width=300><center><font style='font-family: verdana; font-size: 9pt; color: black;'><a class='menu' href="javascript:onclick(change_adres('<?php echo($row[0]); ?>','<?php echo($row[1]); ?>'))">wijzig</a></font></center></td>

but it doesn't work
also tried href="#" onclick="change_adres('<?php echo($row[0]); ?>','<?php echo($row[1]); ?>')"

which does not give any errors on the page eather, but the click does nothing! =S
Never mind i fixed it myself like this:

            function change_adres(ourid,email) {
                  document.hiddenform.idfield.value = ourid;
                  document.hiddenform.mailfield.value = window.prompt("Nieuw e-mail adres:", email);
I'm glad I could help ;-)