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Deploying image from a central server to all PC's on the same network

Hi we are a training provider with 25 centers each center having 12 Pc's atleast and the centers are  geographically isolated. and all our center PC's have a common ghost image installed and protected with Norton Go back software. Our IT deaprtment operate from the HO would like to install a new image to all these PC;s from a central server. All our centers are connected on  'MPLS' network. So I would like to know what is the best way to push the image centrally from a server to all center PC's? or atleast one PC (admin PC) per center then from there we can push the image to all client PC's. We are ready to spend some money on the software to do this job? Please throw your comments to successfully finish this project?

All Pc's are Dell with XP pro and 256 mb ram atleast and 30 gb drive
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When we used Ghost, we would use either a Boot CD or Floppy (with networking) created from with the Ghost application.
We would boot the target PC's, navigate to the server (or share) where the image was loaded, and run the image install.
Very fast process.
We typically used this in our remote maintenance shops and would configure a spare 24 port switch to connect to the image share.
After your folks get used to the process, they will probably be able to do all 12 within a couple of hours.

Post back when you can.


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I would recommend creating the new master image onto a DVD and shipping it to the centers.  You can always transfer the image through the network, but moving 4GB's of data through the WAN will take a very long time and will tax your network.

Once the image is out on the field, you can setup a bood disk like younghv mentioned to load Ghost.exe and image the PC's.
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Hi Guys

       Thanks for the update. we cant ship the DVD's since we don't have DVD drives. We have a 2mb adsl lines in all our centers and we prefer doing via network  (we don't do very often may be once in 2 months). So we are looking for a software that can automate the entire process.. without need to have some body on site to click the buttons... I am looking somehting like Ghost casting or sanp deploy with more automated functions....

Thanks in advance
i'd advice you to try Acronis Snap Deploy, we use it at work, we have about 30 workstations and they are needed to have the same os, aplications, and settings. this prog allow you to deploy once made image on all of this computers just in minutes.
Hi Yuray

     I am just looking for softwares like this. I tried Snap deploy but we are not impressed and had many practical issues this. If you know of any other software, please let  me know

thanks in advance
and what's wrong with Snap Deploy?

  I was dealing with Snap deploy team and when i trialed their software, i got some error message and they didn't get back to me about it and i sent them emails but no response...
I still stand by my original comment.
Using a centrally located/stored 'image' is very common and very successful.
I don't know where the figure of "4GB" came from, but the actual image (and file transfer) is less than 700MB - and there are no "DVD's" involved.

Someone is going to have to be on site to boot the remote computers, but the load process is about as automated as anyone would want.


Hi Younghv

         I fullly appreciate your comments and that is exactly we are looking for... But how did you do yours? I mean did you use any software or scripts? Could you please explain a bit more?

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