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AVG anti virus wont uninstall

I want to remove the old version of AVG and install the new.  It wont uninstall in add /rem programmes

Is there a sweeper if it wont uninstall?
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One cause is when Windows has a problem performing the tasks it needs to on boot up. Look in the Windows
directory for a file named WININIT.INI (ignore the files with .EXE and .BAK extention) and delete the file.
Reboot the computer.

Now for the next issue which won't work if you do have the Trial version so be certain about that part before you proceed... I'm not sure where you got that copy of AVG but it is well over a year old already and many issues have been fixed in the latest versions... so to actually perform the uninstall before you re-install... follow these directions.

1. Download the latest AVG Free installation package from []
2. Run the AVG Free install file
3. Choose the Uninstall option and follow the setup wizard, when you get to the part to remove user settings, select it.
4. Restart your computer then...
5. Now reinstall AVG using the setup file you got in step 1 and update it.
RegSupreme Pro is an excellent registry cleaner and also aids in removing installed programs...among other things.
It's cheap & I have used it for years.
The demo is fully functional.

just follow these simple steps .........

1_ Download AVG anti-virus or if u already have it >> so execute the application...
2_ install it completely (over write everything) ..... reboot if required
3_ now try to uninstall it from ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS or shortcut provided by AVG in start menu

i hope it will work

     Computer Angel