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selective printing in BO XI R2 for WEBI / DESKTOP Intelligence


This is a new development project and we are trying to analyze the feasability of implementing the requirements.

Requirement : The user would see a  report in 2 forms in a page . this page can be either in desktop intelligence or in WEBI . 2 forms are 1) Grid layout where the data is displayed 2) Graphical picture of the report / data grid.

User would like to print either one of the form of display not both.

I would like to know if this is possible in BO XI R2  in WEBI or in Desktop Intelligence. As such BO Dashboard also used..

Since I am new to BO I might have missed out something. Do let me know if some more information is needed.
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We are using BO XIR2 currently. Assuming both of your data formats (Data Grid and Graphics) are on the same page, I don't think XIR2 off the shelf, lets you print only certain portion of a page.
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If you are speaking of a GRID AND A CHART in the same page...YES...absolutely you can do this is Business Objects XI..

I'm I missing something? I hope I'm understanding your question.,

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Hi Mike,

So you are saying that I can choose to print only the grid or chart which are both sitting on the same page. In which case can you give me more details as to what part of BO XI R2 does this. Is it Web Intelligence , Crystal reports . Also please give me the details of how to do this.

Oh..ok so you are trying to PRINT...only one or the other...hum...that is different...I thought you just meant...display...

I'll see what I can find in touch..
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Agree.  I am not that familiar with the BO product being used so I wasn't sure if the answer was there or not.  i don't think this is worthy of a PAQ.  


Reachsoma's solution will definitely work. The reporting tabs in WEBI can be printed ALL at once or selectively.

Hope it helps.