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Registry Changes to Show Detail View in Windows Explorer

I need to know what registry changes need to be made on WINDOWS 2000 to set the view in Windows Explorer to Detail for all folders.  We already have everyones profile set up so I need to be able to push out a registry change to everyone that will set their view to Detail.

I have seen this question posted several times and have read through the responses but still have not found exactly what I am looking for.  Any help would be very appreciated.  Thanks
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Not sure of the specific registry changes, but it's located in

Perhaps you could export that key and try importing it on another client.
I've tried watching those values as the view is changed, but can't seem to nail down a 'single' key value that can be changed...
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Does this apply for Windows 2000, as I have been reading I have found people stating that XP or 2003 works differently for this type of a change than Windows 2000?
I was actually able to answer my own question after much research and testing.  I had to modify the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams Settings Key in the registry.  I exported the key before I made the change, then I changed Explorer to detail and applied to all folders and then exported the key again to see the new value.  This is the value I then used and was able to copy over for other users.
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