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Full HDD

I have a 2003 Server with a single HDD partitioned (C,D) that is Mirrored to a second HDD (C,D). The issue is the C partition is filled to capacity. My thoughts are to purchased 2 additional HDD and create a spanned volume for both C partitions for both. Is this the best course of action, or does anyone have a better taken on this?
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best way to do that. It depends how long you can have the server down for. the best way I think to do it is to simply take the two NEW harddrives and have them be the C: drive and the older drives be the D: drive. so you wouldn't have more than one partition on the drive that way.

your way would work i believe. I am not very familiar with mirroring drives but the way you word it makes me believe your way should do the job.
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Yes, that is a possible solution; however that would require a reinstall of the OS and other Software, one being Peachtree 2007, in there infinite wisdom requires it to be loaded on the C drive now. I am looking for a possible solution that will not require a re-install of the OS.  
WHY is the C: drive filled?  How large is it?  What's on it?

A properly managed server will do nicely with a 12-16 GB C: drive.  And is usually passable with as little as 8 GB depending on what it's doing.
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You could mirror to a larger drive and then use a tool partition tool to resize the drives

Acronis have a good program but it will cost...

Not sure how else you can migrate a live drive without a re-install
leew: I am not sure at the current time how large the partition is, it is at another location. I did not install the server, I do not think there is anyother software besides the OS on the C partition. As I said before Peachtree 2007 needs to be installed on C, why I do not know, its something that has changed since the last version.

networkfish: We have been looking at acronis, yes it is pretty costly, which is why we are looking for another alternative before purchasing acronis's software.
That's a pretty key question... what's installed.  Applications that are necessary for the server are fine to be installed on the C: drive - as long as the DATA FILES are moved off the C: drive.  Has the page file been moved as well?

You can spend money on software and hardware to do all this... or find out what's on the C: and the size and it may be a fix that takes 10-30 minutes to complete.
You can only mirror to discs that have a partition of the same size... So partition resizing may be the only way to go...

I guess you might be able to use a server imaging program, at least that would be useful for backups in the future and not such a one off expense, this could clone your server and reinstall it on another disk
Oh geez, sorry I havent mentioned this sever is a DC/Accounting Server, all it has is AD and Peachtree. Im still checking on the other questions.
Yeah.... the C partition is only 5-7 GB
That is a little on the small side... but if it's ONLY a DC and serving PeachTree software, that should still be fine.  What is taking up the space?
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