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unable to send out external mail in exchange 2003

Hello experts,

Our company relocated to a new location, and we just installed the new T-1 yesterday.  Everything looks good, except that i cannot SEND OUT emails externally.  All outbound emails are just sitting in the queue.  Receiving is no problem.

Upon checking the queue, the message at the bottom just says "the remote server did not respond to a connection attempt."

Telnet to external servers are good, and i was able to send email to an external server using the telnet.

I'm not using the SMTP connector, it's just straight virtual SMTP server.  I'm running a DNS server on the same machine, and the SMTP is also configured to use external DNS server in the advanced delivery configuration.  

mx record and the a record was updated yesterday and it looks good because i have no trouble receving email from anyone.  

please help.  thank you.
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get rid  of the external dns on the smtp advanced tab and see what happens
was this server relocated there another exchange server as well?
also the dns takes 48 hors sometimes to take effect -this could be your problem
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this is the only server we have, and it runs dns also.  i tracked the messages, and they all stop in the at the queue for remote delivery.  

we had a similar problem when we had to change mx record but we still had some email.  now we dont have ANY outgoing emails.
I would try setting up an SMTP connector and see if the mail flows.
put your domain into the site and see what it throws back-also remove the dns on the smtp tab
actually my mistake that would be with receiving email but get rid of the dns entry
removed the external dns entry from there, and still no luck.  every mail gets stuck in the queue, with the status of in the queue for remote delivery.

dnsreport looks ok.  not perfect but ok.  
enable message tracking and see where they are getting stuck exactly?
it gets submitted to categorizer, it gets categorized and queued for routing, and it gets routed and queued for remote delivery.

then it doesnt deliver and goes back to the categorizer and it cycles the steps as described above.
definitely no smart host configured on the smtp advanced delivery tab?
are you going thru the t1 and out thru the main office for delivery?
no smart host configured.   straight from the smtp virtual server.  never had smtp connector configured.  
try setting up the connecter and see will it send its simple enough
same thing happens with the connector.  
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Change the connector to use your ISP's mail server.  Remove any smart hosts from the SMTP virtual server.  Then restart the SMTP service.
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You configured the ISp DNS address in forwarders tab of internal dns server...?
and also try with this :=