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Can't access SQL 2005 Databases from Veritas BackupExec 10.1

I have a SQL 2005 Server (running on a brand new Windows 2003 Server).  I am the domain admin.  I can login locally to the machine and I can backup all the databases using Enterprise Manager.  My problem is that I need to back up the SQL databases using Veritas BackupExec.  Through BackupExec, I can see the server and backup the file structure, and yes, I do have the Veritas SQL Agent installed.  The problem, is that when I click on the SQL Agent on the server from BackupExec, it says "Network Error, could not connect"...But there's no network errors, I can see everything else on the server just fine...Any ideas?  Thanks.
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Have you used the surface area configuration tool?  SQL 2005 is locked down by default and you'll need to enable the protocol of your choice.  It's in the sql2005 program group ->configuration tools.  Look for 'Database Engine', remote connections.
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Nope, I figured it out...Veritas has a patch to support 2005 with BE 10.d.  I had installed that, but didn't push it back out to the SQL server...DUH...

Please close question.
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