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Remove Exchange 2007 organisation

I need to remove Exchange 2007 from my organisation. I have uninstalled the server completely following the Microsoft technet document but there is no information on how to roll back the schema. Exchange 2003 used to have a /removeorg switch but this does not seem to exist now. I need to install Exchange 2003 as soon as possible and do not think it will install correctly until I clean up the 2007 schema objects.
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If you followed this document:

AD must be cleaned up by the setup.

For installing ex2k3 you must first perform  the domainprep and the sysprep.
i think there is no wau to revenrt the schema back, also i think that exchange 2003 will use existing attributes and igonre the new one as he don't need them
follow the below articles to remove E12:
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I removed Exchange 2007 completely but as I thought the schema changes and exchange objects in AD are not removed. I installed exchange 2003 running forestprep and domainprep. Exchange 2003 installs ok but the RUS does not work correctly as I get error 8270 (32) insuficient rights in the event log. I have opened a call with Microsoft who are stuck as to what the problem is. I have removed and reinstalled Exchange 2003 but still get the same problem. Microsoft think that the left over parts of EX2007 may be causing the problem and have said to remove the ex2007 oraganization following this doc:
The document does not contain any information on how to remove the organization. If you click the remove organization link it takes you back to how to remove a server!
be ware that even that E12 is online for production there is a lot of hidden things inside it, when you talk to a TS speicalist or  Sn consultant he will tell you that there is a lot of discussion about a lot of things inside E12.
most of advanced function already works fine but there is some discussion about some advanced concepts and problems like this one that causes the problem

however i want to know is this your production environment or not, if not why don't you delete the exchange container from the configuration partition in the schema and run forestprep and domainprep again...

another trick is to give the exchange enterprise server gorup full security permissions on the Schema because it is permission thing so we can work it out
I found something
you might need to run the following command from the / /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions
read below from the exchange help:
Essentially, you must run the setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions command so that the Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 Recipient Update Service functions correctly after you update the Active Directory schema for Exchange 2007
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Thanks busbar. After running the command the RUS seems to work ok. All the users have the email addresses from the recipient policy now but Outlook clients cannot connect. The server name is not resolved and I get the error 'the bookmark is not valid'
This is one of our customers production environment so I cannot do anything too drastic. The current mail service is Groupwise and they want to migrate to Exchange. We installed Exchange 2007 but the migration tools are no longer available so the plan was to lend them a 2003 server, migrate the accounts then move the mailboxes to 2007. This may still be possible but I need the users to access the mailbox while it is still on the 2003 server so they can import the calendar items. I do not think they will be able to do this once the mailbox has been moved.
yup of course they can't it import Calendar to E12 so you have to fully migrate to E2003 then migrate to E12.

regarding the Name resolution issue i htink it is DNS setting so verify that it is correct
Thanks busbar. The resolving error corrected itself after a day which seems to happen quite often with Exchange 2003. As a note, Microsoft told me that my environment is at this time totally unsupported and suggested the only fix was to create a new domain.
Sorry to hear that, i suggest that follow microsoft guidelines and implement a new domain
No need. I have migrated the users mailboxes to 2003 and will now move them to 2007. My point was that the fix supplied by you solved the problem that Microsoft said I needed a new domain to solve. The points are yours.
Ooooops i misunderstood you.
:) thanks fellow i am so glad that i helped you and bet microsoft ;)