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"error performing inpage operation" using external enclosure and harddrive from laptop

We have a sony laptop that would not boot up.  We removed the harddrive and put it into an external enclosure.  The original harddrive was partitioned into 2 parts.  When we look in windows explorer at the external enclosure, we can see F:\ and G:\ and we can see all the files on G:\.  However when we try to view the files on F:\ we get the error message "error performing inpage operation".  When I go to disk management, I see the following information for F:\:
Layout: Partition
Type: Basic
File System: (Blank)
Status: Healthy (Active)
Capacity 13.97 GB
Free Space 13.97 GB
% Free: 100%

On the laptop, we tried to use C:\ for programs and D:\ for data.  It was a 60 GB harddrive.  G:\ is showing 36.91 GB capacity so my guess is it was 40 GB for D: and 20 GB for C:\
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Could this be the hidden partition for recovery?
The fact you cannot see any files at all then taking ownership of it is not option either.
If the problem is not ownership but actually a bad hard drive/partition as is the case we have found great success on both Mac and PC with Data Rescue which you can find at this link http://www.prosofteng.com/ 
 The price isn't bad and they will allow you to download a trial version which will actually show you whether or not it will work on your hard drive.
My guess is either the drive or controller is bad.
Since you could nolonger boot from this HDD this seems to be case, if one partition goes bad windows will not boot, this also applies if you have 2 HDD one C drive and slaved D drive, if the D drive fails C drive will not boot.
I would go for the system disc recovery tools asap.
 Good Luck.
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You can use this distribution to recover the data:

It's free and it's good, so you should try...
If you are sure the partition was a usable file system (NTFS for example) and not a recovery partition you can use PTEDIT which is found on the boot disk for Partition Magic and change the partition type to the type it was originally.  Note:  you can't change the file system, so if it wasn't already NTFS don't try to make it that through PTEDIT, make it FAT32 or whatever it should be already.

Also, have you tried using the chkdsk utility from a recovery console?  Chkdsk /r often repairs errors such as yours assuming the file system is corrupted and the disk isn't physically bad.  

If that doesn't work and you can afford to lose the data and just want to salvage the drive, try reformatting and starting over, that's a real quick way to determine whether the problem lies in the file system or in the physical structure.  Good luck.
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