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I have asked this question before but was not able to get a solution; I am providing a background of my network environment.

Host Name. . . . . . . . . : (I have deployed server2003 standard edition)
        IP Address . . . . . . . . :
        Subnet Mask. . . . . . . . :
        Default Gateway. . . . . . :
        Dns Servers. . . . . . . . :
                            two DNS addresses are my ISP addresses so i have added them in the forward lookup zone, also i am going to add one more domain( on the same server so do i to configure forward lookup zone again, right now the DNS that i am using internally is
When I run dcdiag, it passed all the test except the trust relationship test and IP security test, and when i tried to connect the second server would be exchange server 2007 it gave an error that RPC server unavailable, i think that has to do with trust relationship, and there is something wrong in my DNS configuration.
i tried to nslookup on it gave me a message that "Cant find server name for address Non -existent domain.
Server: Unknown


Why its giving a message that its a non existent domain, and what are the recommendations for my DNS, for my first domain as well as for the second domain, and what are the recommendations for exchange server 2007 means what server applications do I have to install on it. I.e. DNS, DHCP, Active Directory.

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You have asked this question before and have not done what you were told in those other questions.

As I posted in this question:


Is that clear enough?

You also should not ask questions again when you have questions still open when you are not responding.

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Thanks for your reply, i have removed the external DNS server but still got the same error, if you see my question i am not using my ISP DNS internally, i am just using it in the forward lookup zone as being advised, and the time when i dnot respond at that time i am sleeping, because i am living in Brisbane (Australia), and the time difference with the rest of the world is +10GMT, right now its 11:40 pm and i have to go to sleep. I respond to most of the questions as soon as i start the job.
Thanks again.
Perhaps you should respond in the other questions rather than posting new questions.

It can take a while for the server to settle down after making a DNS server change - it isn't instant. If you continue to get a trust issue then drop the machine from the domain, reboot and add it back in again. That will reset everything.

I stress that it is important that you respond to questions rather than posting new ones all over the place.

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Sorry, I got distracted while posting and forgot to refresh before submitting.  Please ignore any comments that were already addressed.
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I too have posted the solution to this problem. Please don't keep posting the same question if you can't be bothered to take the advice that I and other have given you !!!
The only reason for me posting a new question is because i was not getting feedbacks on my previous questions and i have make the server live soon thats why i have to add a new question.

Simon when you say "drop the machine from the domain" which machine you are addressing the client or the server, and drop means take out the DNS and reinstall it?

b0fh i have read the document  its good but under point number 1. where it say ":: Domain Currently Points to:." where i could find that.

Thanks to both of you..
KCTS i have tried yr suggestion but was not able to resolve the issure..

Posting with my page editor hat on...

You have three other questions open on basically the same point...

No response from you at all to the posts made.

Single response, but no response to comments made after your single comment.

I see there were responses on the third question in the Windows XP zone.

If you don't respond then the experts will not respond.

Also bear in mind that this site doesn't work like a forum. You cannot bump questions back to the top of the list. Once a question has gone from the first page of questions, it is very unlikely that anyone else will post to the question.
If you are not seen to be responding to the points raised, then experts will consider that you have abandoned the question.

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Exchange Server Zone.
By take it out of the domain I mean put whatever machine is giving the error in to a workgroup, reboot it and then put it back in to the domain.

so you are recommending that i should close all of the other questions. Ok i will do it but if i am having the same problem after following the instructions then what shoild i do.I think then the only option left would be to reinstall the server, but i dont want to do it.