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Exchange on SBS 2003, email sending/delivery issues without exchange email client

           I am banging my head against the wall for something that should be simple but I keep running into roadblocks. It is an exchange/email issue.

Windows SBS 2003 premium
Exchange 2003 (comes integrated with the SBS premium)

Exchange Details
Active Directory domain:  "companyname".local
internet and email domain: "companyname".com
have 2 mx records for
the higher priority is the sbcyahoo POP server
the lower priority is the exchange server/SBS box

We have our company web site hosted outside by sbcyahoo. This hosting came with 500 email addresses.
Before we implemented SBS 2003 we used the POP email accounts provided by SBS Yahoo as the company email.
Since implementing SBS 2003 we have the exchange server set up and ALSO still use the sbc Yahoo POP accounts. We use the "POP3 connector" in SBS 2003 to pull POP3 email from yahoo servers and deliver to Exchange mailboxes on the SBS machine. Users then log in to exchange mailbox to gather all email. All user mailboxes tied to their active directory accounts and all email addresses in SBS/Exchange match original POP3/yahoo email addresses.

Here is my issue.As one of the IT department members it was my directive to transition the company off of POP3 email into the exchange environment so we could take advantage of the shared tasks, calendar, meetings...etc...
Everyone in the company has embraced these changes except one. That is the owner of the company. He has been using Netscape communicator for years as his email client (he is running 7.2 now). He initially indicated he would be open to a move to Outlook 2003 but my latest indication is that he wants to stick with Netscape. This presents a host of problems for me. He does have an exchange mailbox and an active directory account.  When the initial changeover to exchange started what we did is told anybody in the company that needed to email the owner needed to do so by sending the email via their Yahoo POP account as opposed to their exchange account. (I had to go to every machine and keep the original POP accounts running and configured on each clients machine, along with also setting up and exchange connection for them. So in essence everyone had 2 mailboxes in outlook, the POP and the exchange. If I did not do it this way and they sent the email out via exchange it would never make it outside of the exchange server and was simply delivered to his exchange box which he would not check and could not check with Netscape obviously).
As I have been setting up newer machines I have simply let the POP connector do the job for people and have only set up exchange on the local client machines which is ideally how we want the system setup, however, that leaves no way for the company owner to receive internal emails from other employees as they will always stop at his exchange box. I thought if I disabled or deleted his exchange box that it may solve the issue in that if it does not see the address in the exchange mailbox store, that it would look to forward out to the internet and subsequently be received by the Yahoo server, but this has proven to me to not be true in that because the exchange server sees "" as the intended address that the email never leaves the exchange server and ends up in the catchall box as a bad address.
Please take all the above with a large grain of salt in that some of the statements I may have made about what has worked and not worked are just from my experience in trying to troubleshoot the problem and are not based and any firm knowledge of what exchange can and cannot do. I am open to any correction of the above and obviously any suggestion.

let me boil the whole topic down into one question:
  How can I make sure the company owner receives all his email with the company running in an exchange environment, if the company owner does not wish to use an exchange compatible email client?

Can I have his netscape connect to the exchange server like a POP3 client/server?
Is there any type of forwarding deal that can be setup?

I am open to ANYTHING here.


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