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PHP MySQL form automation

Hi I am developing an application that involves a content management system where the customer can edit their products and add news articles via an admin panel.

I do not want to go through the mundane task of hand coding each form that inserts, updates and deletes products/news items/accessories etc... within the DB. I am looking for a reusable method of describing my database structure with joins etc and then having a tool create the forms for me. Is this available anywhere on the net or via a pear class?

The tool must be able to create insert/update forms that insert/update into multiple tables at once.

Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the response hernst42. can cakephp deal with stored procedures do you know? That way I could just pass the details from the form and let the DB do the rest...
No also never seen such things where you can specify a stored procedure with parameters and a framwork builds the corresponding form and call of the insert. Typical all frameworks do plain insert statements when they generate codes and classes for such a handling.