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New Exchange server - BES server not forwarding emails

I am in process of migrating Exchange 2003 from an older server to a new one.  This particular question comes in regards to our Blackberry Enterprise Server.  We have a few dozen people with BB's, and when I move a mailbox from the old to the new mail server, the mailbox moves no problem.

When I open up BB Manager, it sees that the mailbox has moved to a new server.  However, it is not forwarding anything to the BB.  I have not yet moved the BESADMIN ccount - as I assumed that was one of the last things I should do until I'm sure I have a moved mailbox working correctly.

So, to sum up - BES is not forwarding emails to a blackberry that belongs to a mailbox that has been moved to a new Exchange box in the same organization.  I need suggestions.

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