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FreeBSD 4.11-Stable - Unable to boot into FreeBSD after bringing HDD to new server

FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE  Question.


I have a freebsd 4.11-Stable server on P3 1Ghz and 80GB IDE hdd. However lately the hardware crashed and i moved the HDD to another P3 1GHz server with different mobo. Now whenever i boot up, it detects the HDD in BIOS but after that, it says DISK FAILURE.. INSERT BOOT DISK.. unable to boot into FREEBSD, any idea how do i resolve this as all i need is the data inside..

Can i format a new FREEBSD and plug the hdd as secondary.. or can i plug this HDD into a windows box to extract the files
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FreeBSD 4.11 is unsupported for couple of months now. That is not cause of your problems, but consider installing 6.2 if possible.

DISK FAILURE indicate failed CD boot - like inserted CDRW in drive unable to read it or so. Just remove CD and reboot.

Whats your timeframe for fixing boot and getting data off the disk?
If you still have the 4.11 cd, try booting from it and the run:
boot0cfg -B

See if that helps...
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Get 4.11 CD written on cd-roms
Boot off CD1 and run fixit console, insert CD2 and minimal freebsd will be at your disposal to make system boot up.