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populating fields from current session data and previous session data...a design question

Hi Experts,

I have a website that runs on Coldfusion and uses an Access database. The way it works is that basically there are a series of 5 pages, each is a form that needs to be filled out by the user. Once each form is filled out and the submit button clicked, the page submits the data of the form to the database and then redirects you to the next page/form and so on until all the 5 pages/forms are filled out.

Do to certain reasons we had to design the database so that every time someone logs in, they start a new session and a new record is created. Therefore the same user can have as many records as they have logged into the forms section.

My Question is as follows:

In order for the user to navigate back to the previous page, they can use the browser back button and go back to the previous page where data is read from a record set of that same session and the fields of the form populated with data from that same session. this means that the user can see what they just submitted.

BUT we also want the user to come back later and look at the same form, so this means we want the data to be populated from the session before the current session!

How do I design these forms, so when the user is working on them, it can go back and fort between the individual forms and see data from current session AND have the fields filled out from the previous session's data when the user logs back into the web site after leaving the site?
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you will have to store this sessions in array. when you want to populate them from previous session in that case you do sessionarray[currentsession -1] and you can populate them.
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