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2 Subnets through 2 NICs with Internet Connection Sharing on Windows XP

I need to connect to the internet through a wireless NIC on 1 subnet 192.168.0/24 and share this connection with 2 other PCs in the office so these have internet. I also need to have a separate subnet 192.168.10/24 for the office LAN file and printer sharing. How might I go about this?

The wire less is "piggy backing" off of a local open unsecured Linksys router (yes we have permission from the owner. This is a small non-profit and the building owner provides an open connection for a coffee shop he also owns).  I would like to share the internet connection to the other 2 PCs this single wireless device provides through MS internet connection sharing.

The internal LAN is switched through a now not used DSL router.

If I enable the LAN NIC I loose the internet and visa-versa.

I'm not sure that this can even be done with out more hardware. Any pointers?

If I can't have my cake and eat it too as in the above how can I have as a minimum;
1 PC have internet connection via the wireless on subnet 192.168.0/24
have it still be able to access the LAN 192.168.10/24 via the wired NIC?
eg without the internet connection sharing.

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Rob Williams
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Rob Williams
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The normal way to do this would be using ICS ( Internet Connection Sharing). However, there is one basic unchangeable feature of ICS, the local wired network has to be This is compounded with the fact that the Internet connection, the wireless, cannot be the same, i.e cannot be which is what you are currently using?

Can you change the wireless network ? If so you simply have to right click on the wireless network adapter, choose properties, then advanced, and choose "Allow users to connect through this computer's Internet connection ". Then connect the wired connection to a hub/switch and plug in the other computers. Better details including a video can be found at:

If this is not an option you will have to add a wireless range extender and plug or if possible can you run a cable from the existing router to a switch, or a router if you need to use a different subnet.
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Yes, I was trying to use the ICS.  So if I can get the wireless router subnet change to 92.168.xxx/24 I might be able to do this? I still am a bit dense on how this would work. I don't have access to the wireless router to make changes of run a cable. I hate to have to ask them to change the IP range but as I though I will need to. But what you suggest will put this offices shared files and printers onto this open network. Is there a way to have sharing of the wire less and the office network on different subnets? I didn't think so with the configuration below.

As a minimum can I have #1 PC have internet through the wireless and still be a part of the wired network without sharing files and printers.

Wireless Router                  192.168.1/24
Office Router/Switch           192.168.10/24
#1 PC Wireless NIC            198.162.1/24 ->  Wireless Router (provides internet connection to this PC only)
#1 PC Wired NIC                192.168.10/24 -> Office Router/Switch
#2 PC Wired NIC                192.168.10/24 -> Office Router/Switch
#3 PC Wired NIC                192.168.10/24 -> Office Router/Switch (shares 2 printers and large mirrored HDs)

Thanks for the link I'll check it out.
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Rob Williams
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To be quite honest it is really a very "rinky-dink" configuration.
ICS is really intended as a cheap way for a home owner to share a connection. Routers are so inexpensive today that ICS is rarely used, especially in a business environment. One of the major concerns is the ICS computer has access to both networks and must be running for all PC's behind it to access the Internet and shares. Reboot the PC, and everyone losses their connection.
Also asking a company to change their IP addressing may be quite an imposition.

Sharing the initial connection is not a problem, but I would use a couple of routers and/or switches depending on the requirements.
You seem to want to use different subnets yet you want to share files. Could you explain the objective. Usually you would install a router to isolate the networks, or a switch to join the networks and share files.
Not trying to be difficult, just possibly look at the ultimate goal and come up with a good stable solution for you.
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Yes it is rinky-dink but the issue is this place has zero, nada, zilch money and any costs would come out of my pocket. I'm already spending time and gas plus parking fees and I have also provided one PC with 120GB HDs to act as a "file and print server" for them so even $20 for a 5 port switch is something I would like to avoid. However, their needs are very simple share 1 BW printer and 1 all-in-one printer and a large mirrored HDs on one of the 3 PCs in the office and sharing can be only in the office.

I don't think you are being difficult the situation is made difficult to some degree because of the lack of $. If they could spend $35 a month for their own DSL service I wouldn't be here. Or if I had some memory, a small HD, a case with PS I would build a Smoothwall firewall and hook up the DSL Modem/router they have and be done with it. However to turn the current "server" PC into a firewall with Samba shares is a whole lot of work if it can even be done. But I am digressing...

Lets see if I can explain this again...
What I have to work with are
1 Linksys wireless router that is out of my control on 192.68.0/24 providing DHCP for that subnet. This a wide open no WEP enabled router. It sits in a coffee shop across the hallway. I get a good & strong signal from it. I am told by the director of the non-profit I am doing this for that she has full permission from the owner to use this router for internet access.

3 PCs 2 act as workstations and 1 acts as the file and print server where by this PC remains on all the time and has the printers hooked up to it as well as the file storage, all are XP pro., all have one NIC and the "server" has a wireless NIC in addition to a wired NIC.

2 printers connected to the "server".

1 Actiontec wired only DSL modem/router that is configurable like any DSL or wireless router.

I may be able to scrounge up a 4 port hub.

File storage consists of many history related photos and documents as well as donor contact lists and the financial books for this non-profit. These can not be accessible to anyone but the office volunteers.

What I would like to do is;
Best case;
1) share the internet connection to all PCs so they can surf and receive email.
2) provide windows file and printer sharing to only the PCs in the office ie in no way can they be visible to others using the Linksys router in the coffee shop.

Next best case;
1)have internet connection for one PC while all PCs can use windows file and printer sharing. Any and all surfing/email tasks will have to be done through this one PC.
2) provide windows file and printer sharing to only the PCs in the office ie in no way can they be visible to others on the Linksys router.

I was hoping that I could use the currently set IP range of of the Linksys wireless router to share with all PCs its' internet access while using the Actiontec with CAT for the "LAN" for Windows file and printer sharing. Thus providing some barrier to the internal resources.

My experience has been if I connect with ICS to the Linksys that is out of my control all shared files and printers are available to anyone that connects to this router and I can only get the PC with the wireless device to have internet the others will not have internet.

Although I would prefer not to go this way I may be able to talk with the coffee shop/Linksys router & DSL  owner to see if he'll allow me to change the DHCP setting in his router so the default IP will not be in the default ICS But he might tell me bug-off what do you want for free.

Can either the best or next best case be done with the equipment I have avaiable?

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Rob Williams
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First, my apologies, not as complicated as I first understood. I thought we were talking about 1 office plus the 3PCs and sharing, anyway........
Second, the Actionteck is not much help as it expects an incoming phone line not an Ethernet. Although it could act as a basic switch better to scrounge up a $15 switch or an old hub (pay the shipping and I’ll send you one <G>) .
Third- Simple option:
The simplest scenario would be to change the subnet of the Linksys wireless router to anything but (VPN users will love you by the way). Then configure the XP box with the wireless adapter, to connect to the Linksys. Next, and very important, turn off file and print sharing on the wireless adapter, enable the Windows firewall, then check the firewall for any default exceptions and disable them. Now set up your ICS by right clicking on the wireless network adapter, choose properties, then advanced, and choose "Allow users to connect through this computer's Internet connection ". The link in my first post may be helpful with this. Now connect this network adapter to your hub/switch, and the other PC’s. Now all you need to do is configure your file and print sharing. Advise if you need a hand with that.
Now all PC’s should have Internet, file and print sharing, and protection from Internet café users.

Optional  scenario:
Purchase a wireless bridge, probably about $90, connect it to the Linksys wireless using any subnet. Install a second wired router to act as a firewall between the wireless bridge and your network. Plug the LAN of the bridge into the WAN of the router, and the PC’s into the LAN of the wired router. This way you don’t need to change the Linksys subnet, and you can use whatever subnet you like on the LAN side of the wired router.
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No problem.

The Actiontec works great as a 4 port switch with out the DSL as I used it for that purpose before they asked for piggy backing off this wireless for internet. Although if I had cheap switch that would be better.  I think I still have a 10Mb hub out at the office though.

Here is where I don't quite understand "Allow users to connect through this computer's Internet connection ....  Now connect this network adapter to your hub/switch, and the other PC’s." I of course can not plug anything into this NIC no rj port on it. This is where I'm stuck. I can't see how I can bring it in on the wireless PCI device installed on the "server" and send it out on the wired NIC to use ICS for the other 2 PCs.  I just don't see how I can distribute the ICS and have the LAN. Maybe I just still don't understand.

I would like to go optional route and although I have a 4 port DSL/Cable router it would be my $90 that I don't have. I can see how this would work and have done something like it here at home with a Linux firewall/router that has from the trusted to a switch to the WAN side of a wireless router configured with the gateway of the trusted network etc, etc, works great.

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Rob Williams
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I'll give that a try in the next few days and let you know what comes of it. From how I read your post that is what I first tried.
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I used your answer fo rthe most part. I hard to do some adjustments. Sorry it took so long to get back here and award the points.
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Rob Williams
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No problem. Thanks horsewhite, glad it was at least of some help.
Cheers !
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