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Mail application issue with .mac accounts?

Mac OS X 10.4.8
Mail 2.1.1
I have 4 .mac accounts setup with mail app.
every time I've open it mail ask me about the password. any time with differect account.
What I've try to do to resolve problem:
1. Keychain first aid- no problem founds
2. Delite and reapply passwords to keychain- no effects
3. Use cance when the password request dialog appearsl- works temporary, next syncronisation password dialog appears for other account. temporary works, but password dialog appears again in 1-2-3 sync left.
4. Check network settings  Settings Internet connection what I use on the first place.
Get new email every 5 min.
5. Instead Mail I can connect with web without any issues
I guess thes is not password issue...
My ISP is DSL Extreme.
All accounts are setup with and
I have 3 mac's but only ONE has this problem. If I use other Mac from this location- no problem.
I guess this is not ISP issue...
So what left? no idea, Guys, please help to resolve this situation.
Thank you in advance,
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Eoin OSullivan
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Hi there, thank you for quick respond.
Yes. other mac - laptop it has same settings and accounts inside mail applications and doesn have a problem with send/recive emails. All settings exactly the same.
I forgot, I did this trick before.
Add new user to problem mac.
The same situation. when I start app, it may work a couble sync, after it assk me about password again.
If I click cancel, it runs sync normally, but next sync ask me about the password. every time it may be for one of 5 (I add new account).