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Text squashed to left of document

We have a word template that we use reguarly, to send out letters. This template has a table at the top of the page with a small image and a footer with a line of text in. It also has a line drawn on the page about three fifths of the way down.

Occasionaly when the document is printed, all of the characters squash up to the left hand side of the page printing one character over another, this only affects the non-template text i.e. the table at the top and the footer at the bottom is unaffected (even though it is in the same font). This has happened over the last year on Windows 2000, XP RTM, XP SP1 and XPSP2 in both Office XP RTM and SP3. It happens to different users on different computers.

In the grand scheme of things it dosn't happen very often, perhaps 1 in 500 letters, however the template is used reguarly and it works out that it happens about once a month. We found a resoloution by re-installing the Times New Roman font (by copying from another comptuer) however I would like to know if there is a resoloution to this problem that does not require administrative intervention.
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You may also want to look at updating your print drivers.
This also happens at my firm once in a while.  If we just exit Word and go back in, it seems to rectify itself.
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Hello JOrzech,
I updated the print drivers when it first happened, we have tried going out of Word and going back in but that dosn't fix it, the only sure fire way that we have been able to fix it is to re-install the font.

Any other ideas?
Boy - that's a tough one.  If it's font corruption, there's a lot of reasons a font may go corrupt, so I guess my first suggestion would be basic PC maintenance - which you probably already do -- scan disk, defrag, delete temp files, etc. on a regular basis.

What font is it that you have to reinstall?
Scandisk/Defrag is usualy done once a week, tempory files older than 7 days are deleted on startup. We don't use roaming profiles and each user is the sole user of that workstation. It happens on newly rebuilt new machines, old machines with several year old builds and old machines recently reinstall'ed.

It is the "Times New Roman" font that we are having problems with. I would gladly hand out more points if I could to solve this.
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Thanks JOrzech - I have accepted that last answer as it may take some time to re-appear again, will post back if it dosn't solve the problem.
Great then - good luck :)  Thank you