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Sp_Updatestatistics not updating stats correctly

Hi, we are updating the statistics manually each night for our sql server 2000 database  which holds our webplatforms. I've just checked the stats on one table which is having significant performance problems by running the following query
dbcc SHOW_STATISTICS  (Sign_Ons,

It gives me the following output :
Statistics for INDEX 'VAR_SO_Logon-VAR_SO_Password-K_SOT_ID'.
Updated              Rows                 Rows Sampled         Steps  Density                  Average key length      
-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ------ ------------------------ ------------------------
Feb 19 2007  3:05AM  14194950             128475               200    3.2002646E-2             21.38069

The thing I am confused about is how comes the stats were updated on the 19th of feb.
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