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WrapText in Columns in Excel sheet via .net 2003
excel 2003

What I need:
Select Columns  G ang H
Format the Column to WrapText in the excel sheet

' current code from .net
XL.Visible = True 'open excel
        xlWB = XL.Workbooks.Open(xlPath) 'open the workbook
        xlWS = xlWB.Worksheets("GPS Worksheet") 'set the worksheet

        Dim SpecialChars As String = "!@#$%^&*()_+-={}|:<>?,[]./;"
        Dim Rng As Excel.Range
                ' delete special characters
        With xlWS
            Rng = XL.Intersect(.Range("A:A"), .UsedRange)
        End With
        For r As Integer = 1 To Rng.Rows.Count
            For c As Integer = 0 To SpecialChars.Length - 1
                Rng.Cells(r, 1).Value = Rng.Cells(r, 1).Value.ToString.Replace(SpecialChars.Chars(c), "")
        ' make the call to run
         '<-------------------  ' run the code to wraptext here...
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On thing I have tried in the past was the following trick...

In excel record a macro.  Then record any action you want.

After you record it you can easily look at the VBA code in the macro and see how this action was done.

It will definately help you with other things in programming from VB VB.Net to Excel.

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