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Outlook DST patch messed up my calendar!

I just ran the Outlook DST patch and several of my "ALL DAY" apts. suddenly spanned TWO DAYS!

If I unchecked 'all day event', I noticed some of the events had 11pm.  When I re-checked 'all day', it then correctly showed on one day.

I am using outlook 2003, xp sp2 against a pop3 account ( NO EXCHANGE SERVER).

I have an Axim Pocket PC using activesync 3.8.  I have previously used a tool to sync to my google calendar.  When I copied back the .pst file (from before my install of the DST patch), one of the apts. then showed up correctly as a single day, but some other of the apts remained as two days (which really shocked me).

So, here's my question:
Based on my bad experience with the Outlook DST patch, I'm thinking that the cure might be worse than the disease.

What happens if I don't install the Outlook DST patch for the 5 Execs I support. Is the scope of the problem only apts. during that 3 week period that were previously scheduled?  Will new apts. be ok once the system time automatically changes as a result of the OS DST patch?

If I do run the patch, and have the instruct the execs to verify their apt's anyway, why not avoid installing and ask them to do the same thing?
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Thanks, war1
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Thanks War1.  I left this call open a few days in case anyone wanted to post any horror stories.

We applied it to 30 users here.  The only problem child was me (and my calendar).

I decided to first export just the calendar items from the 5 execs before applying it.

I also did screen shots for the affected apts., and asked the users to visually confirm everything is ok.

Thanks for your help,